Ram Janm Bhumi Garbh Grih Poojnam Date Prediction i.e 22.01.2024

Ram Janm Bhumi Garbh Grih Poojnam Date Prediction i.e 22.01.2024

RAM JANM BHOOMI GARBH GRIH POOJNAM on Monday, January 22, 2024, is hereby predicted from the desk of Pt. Dhirendra Nath Misra on Wednesday, August 2, 2023.

Prashna Kundali is prepared on Wednesday ,August 2,2023 at 23:18:05 PM at Kashipur, U.S. Nagar.

The genuineness of the chart is so far proved then I proceeded with the case to arrive at exact date of POOJNAM OF GARBH GRIH at Ram Janm Bhoomi Ayodhya,U.P though officially no date is announced as yet as the date has yet to be decided from office of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.

EPS & KP enthusiasts can comment to enlighten me. EPS Software Version 7.7.16 is used to make this prediction.
Ram Janm Bhumi Garbh Grih Poojanam
Chart Dated 02-08-2023

Time of Chart – 23:18:05Hrs.

Place -Kashipur, U.S.N
Prime house-1,5,9;
Secondary houses-3,12;
Supportive houses-8,11;
D2 houses-6,10

but for earning from temple these are not UNF houses; D3 houses-2,4,7.
On point of genuineness of chart- At the time of casting of chart Moon itself is in 11th supportive house and it is cuspal lord of 4,5 means pooja related to center place of temple; CST of 2nd house which shows growth and earning from temple; its star lord , star lord of star lord is Venus, sub lord is Mercury – thus all are in 5th house and all are connected to 5,9 houses;

star lord of Moon is Mars means Dasa lord who is Lagna lord and 8th house is occupant of 5th house signifying spiritual act means pooja and its sub lord is Mercury who is Antara lord, Pratyantara Dasa lord , Shookshma Dasa lord and Pran Dasa lord is occupant of 5th house of pooja and Mercury is ruling 3rd and 6th houses being occupant of 5th and CST of 5th means act of spiritual activity.

Jupiter Dev Guru is occupant of Lagna aspecting to 5th and 9th house.

Sun is occupant of 4th house who indicates Garbh grih center place of temple.

Moon is connected to 5th and 9th house through Mars, Mercury, Venus.

Mars is occupant of 5th house.

Mercury is OCC of 5th house,

Jupiter is OCC of Lagna,

Venus is OCC of third house, Saturn is OCC of 11th house, Rahu through Rasi lord Mars is connected to 5th house, Ketu through Rasi lord Venus is connected to 5th house.
Thus, genuineness of chart is proved that this chart is talking about 5th and 9th house matters through all planets and Dev guru Jupiter is aspecting to 5th and 9th house being placed in Lagna of chart.

When POOJNAM seems destined to be got performed from this Prashna Chart: -Mars Dasa is running at present. Under Mars Dasa, Mercury Antar Dasa and Moon Pratyantar dasa is significant period for pooja of Garbh Grih as Moon is lord of 4th and 5th cusp and key planet of Moon Pratyantar is its sub lord Mercury who is CL of 3rd, OCC of 5th, CST of 5th, CSL of 1st house.

Hence Sookshma Dasa period of Mercury is significant period of which is running from January 19,2024 to January 22,2024 and Saturn being CL of 11, OCC of 11th, CST of 8th, CSL of 5th and 11th will get effect of aspecting planets Mercury, Venus, Mars from 5th house and it is also getting favorable support from other planets as well.
Hence Pooja will be got done during Pran Dasa of Saturn whose period is running on January 22, 2024.Rest Almighty God knows better and this is my Astro calculation with my limited knowledge.





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